Change the Way of Thinking – Promote the Internal Force – Develop Sustainably

Jul 12, 2018 | News, Views

What is the internal force of a business? 

Internal force includes the factors of human resources, customers, suppliers, management and business capabilities, financial resources, equipment and machinery, fixed assets, production process, technologies, valuable brands, prestige of products and services that a business has owned and has built up.

At the beginning of the establishment, not all the businesses have enough and complete internal factors but these factors must be built up and be accumulated during a long process. In the market economy, each business has to assess its strengths and weaknesses in order to built the strategies and to define its own market for  survival and development.

 Khatoco was born in very difficult situation of the subsidized economy, with very small initial capital and backward facilities. At that time, the greatest internal force of Khatoco was only human. Under the guidance of Mr. Nguyen Xuan Hoang, the founder of Khanh Viet Corporation, many generations of talented leaders together with a solitary collective of enthusiastic employeess tep by step overcame  numerous challenges and difficulties to achieved the successes. At  the present time, after 35 years of building and development, Khatoco has been equipped with enough powerful resources of human, finance, prestige, valuable brands, factories, machinery and equipment… 

2018 is a milestone to mark Khatoco’s turning point in changing its ownership model. Khatoco will change from a company with 100 percent of state owned capital to a joint stock company. This is a opportunity but also a challenge that Khatoco has to face on the way of development. Khatoco will be worn “new mechanism coat” which will be more flexible in accordance with operation mechanism of a joint stock company. Especially its operation will be under the strict supervision of the shareholders, including Khatoco employees. Employees’ benefits will be in proportion to their contribution to Khatoco.  Therefore, thinking inside the box will be unsuitable in this new period. 

Changing the way of thinking 

is a breakthrough to create the conditions for new development. 

Changing the way of thinking not only helps the company use the existing internal force effectively but also extend the business, increasing the accumulation, creating breakthroughs in the progress, dominating the market, expanding the production and business and increasing the employees’ income. Changing the way of thinking is not only the responsibility of Khatoco’s Board of Directors but also the responsibility of every staff who loves and devotes for a strong Khatoco. Changing the way of thinking can be applied to all the working areas and positions from management to production, from trading to marketing, from a director to a cleaner… Changing the way of thinking sounds very abstract but in fact it is happening every day, every hour when everybody has to change his or her own way of thinking and working to find more accurate, more effective and more superior ways to match the flow of innovation.  

If every Khatoco member contributes a small part to Khatoco development so the contribution of a collective of over 5,000 employees will become very strong wind to push “Khatoco boat” sailing forward. Even a positive thought creates a feeling of great enthusiasm and eagerness to improve the work efficiency and quality. Small ideas or actions such as saving the office stationery (reusing the a back side of a printed paper), electricity, water … instead of spending wastefully as before are also the positive changes of thinking way.

 For a powerful Khatoco where the benefits of the employees along with the benefits of the company, we, Khatoco people, let’s change the way of thinking on the basis of the existing internal force to create a breakthrough in the new stage of development. 

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