Human resource is the most valuable asset.

Oct 6, 2018 | News, Views

On October 4th, 2018, Khanh Viet Corporation organized 35th anniversary (4.10.1983 – 4.10.2018). Starting as a small cigarette company making cigarettes only by hand, Khatoco has become one of the largest enterprises in the Central region and also the highlight  of Khanh Hoa province in taking care of material and spiritual lives of the employees. 

Staring up with the initial capital of only VND 6 million, at now, Khatoco has the own capital of over VND 2,840 billion, assets value of VND 5,818 billion and more than 5,000 employees working in 27 member companies of different businesses. Achieving these achievements, it is thanks to the industrious staff and the spirit “dream big and make it happen” of the leadership. This approved that human resources are the most important factor for Khatoco’s successes.  

In order that the human resources are really the most valuable asset of the company,  Khatoco always makes great effort to build the corporate solidarity, training to improve the occupational knowledge and skills for employees, especially paying much attention to  employees’ material and spiritual lives. Not only guaranteeing the rights and legitimate interests of the employees according to state policies on labor, Khatoco also provides employees with conditions more favorable than those provided by the labor law. Besides general medical check-up for all the employees yearly, Khatoco also provides them with additional examinations such as making blood type cards for all employees, special medical screening for female employees… After the annual medical check-up, the employees will be assigned the work to be suitable with their health in order to assure the productivity. In case, an employee is seriously sick, the company will support him with the amount from VND 5 million to 30 million. In some special cases, Khatoco even supported them more than that amount. With such pleasant working environment, the employees want to work long term for the company

Meal in mid-shift of Khatoco’s workers

When a worker is off for personal matters, he still gets enough salary. Ms Le Thi Kim Chi, a staff of Khatoco Khanh Hoa Cigarette Factory said “These policies bring a lot of benefits to the workers and encourage their spirituality very much”.  Well cared by the leadership and the Labor Union, we feel to live in a big family. As many my colleagues, I want to work at Khatoco for long time.”  

At the present, the economy is facing a lot of difficulties and challenges, many enterprises have to reduce production costs and number of employees but Khatoco continues to expand the business and to assure the stable jobs as well as increasing income for the employees.  

A long with taking care of material lives of the employees, Khatoco and the Labor Union also pay much attention to their spiritual lives. Annually, Khatoco organizes inbound and outbound corporate travels for the employees, holding many cultural and sport activities such as family festival, national history day contest, cooking contest, sports contest, musical performance, awarding scholarships to the poor students achieving excellent academic results and using Khatoco Trade Union’s fund to help workers facing personal difficulties…

Khatoco’s employees visited Korea.  

Additionally, Khatoco has built website “Staff Forum” and issues Newsletters quarterly so that the employees can follow the company’s business activities and exchange the experiences related to all the fields of their work and lives.

Sports activities of Khatoco’s staff 

Mr. Ho Thuong Hai, chairman of Khatoco’s Labor Union, said “Khatoco affirms that  human resources are the motivate power for the development. Therefore, caring for the employees means caring for the development of the company. Taking care of the employees in all the fields related to their work and their lives is the practical way to make the employees feel comfortable about their work and want to devote to the company.”  

In 1983, each Khatoco’s employee made the average revenue of VND 0.7 million for the company. In 2018, this amount increased to VND 1,813 million. During the past 35 years, Khatoco has contributed VND 38,000 billion to the state budget. In 1983, each employee contributed VND 0.2 million to the state budget and up to 2018, this amount increased to VND 648 million.

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