Khanh Viet Corporation presents 3,287 gifts to children on the occasion of Mid-Autumn Festival

Sep 13, 2022 | News, Social Activities

In order to make a joyful and exciting Mid-Autumn Festival for children and encourage them to study hard to achieve good academic results in the new school year as well as preserve a traditional activity of our nation, Khanh Viet Corporation offered 3,287 gifts (worth VND 1.4 billion; VND 400,000/each) to children being offspring of its union members and employees on the occasion of Mid-Autumn Festival.

From 8th-10th of September, 2022, Khatoco’s Youth Union cooperated with the Grassroots Trade Unions of the units to hold a program “Happy Full Moon Festival”. This Festival is very particular to Vietnamese children. Looking at enjoyable and radiant faces of the children when listening the legend of Miss Hang Nga and Uncle Cuoi living on the moon, carrying lanterns, watching lion dance, playing folk games, enjoying traditional Mid-Autumn food and smiling happily to receive gifts… we hoped that these activities would make this Mid-Autumn Festival very meaningful and happy for them and be an unforgettable memory in their childhood.

The program “Happy Full Moon Festival” is organized annually with meaningful purpose. It shows the attention at all levels of the Party Committees, authorities and organizations to children’s care and education. Additionally, it also affirms that the Trade Union is always trusted by the employees, remaining their strong supporter and creating the motivation for them to attach to the business.

The children are very interested in and curious about the magic performance.
Children eagerly participate in folk games in the night of Mid-Autumn Festival held by Khanh Viet Corporation’s Head Office.
The program “Lovely Moon” held by Khatoco Khanh Hoa Cigarette Factory
Pictures of Mid-Autumn Festival drawn by the children are displayed at Khatoco Khanh Hoa Cigarette Factory.
Merry atmosphere of Mid-Autumn Festival at Dong A Joint Stock Company
Mid-Autumn Festival full of laughter at Khatoco Ostrich and Crocodile Trading Company
Colorful Mid-Autumn Festival held by Long Phu Tourist JS Company

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