Khatoco – Collective is Strength

Aug 8, 2018 | News, Views

On October 4th, 1983, nearly 35 years ago, a small business in a poor province was born. That business had nearly nothing but had the people full of enthusiasm and desire to devote to the provincial development. That business had only a fourth grated house with corrugated iron roof and had not any machinery and equipment. All production activities were carried out by hand with very backward and rudimentary production means. Cut tobacco was dried on the cast-iron pans. Cigarettes were rolled by hand with simple wooden boxes … After 35 years, that business has grown strongly. It was only the local business ranked as a Special Corporation on over the country by the State. That business was also ranked 108th in the top 500 biggest companies in Vietnam (data in 2018). That business is Khanh Viet Corporation (Khatoco).

Looking back the process of Khatoco’s development, it is easy to recognize that all the achievements have been achieved by a united collective under the leadership of the captains who have been the leaders through many stages of development. Each people in Khatoco is an important link in the chain of the production activities and has contributed to the construction of Khatoco’s current image, valuable trademark and prestige.  

According to research results, 90 percent of a company’s achievements are decided by the human, only 10 percent of them are decided by its strategy. This has been proved obviously in Khanh Viet Corporation with the business model of parent company and subsidiaries. Here, the whole collective contributes to the company’s achievements, not one or some individuals. Khatoco has proved that if a business wants to develop sustainably, it needs to build a solidary collective of professional and skilful employees. More important, the business must be successful in building the trust and the pride of each employee so that each product or service has been made with full of his love and spirit of devotion. 

The captain is good but his sailors team is not good or conversely, how can this ship go ahead? Therefore, all leaders of Khatoco have been aware of building and training the managers of all levels in order that they have not only good knowledge but also the devotion for the company. The managers can inspire the fire of enthusiasm to all the staff and unite all of them to produce good products and services with high economic efficiency and to build the company’s prestige. 

The WIN – WIN strategy between employers and employees is one of the business strategies that helps Khatoco keep the employees, attract the new comers and create the team of successors. This strategy includes reasonable policies of salary, bonus, good working environment, activeness, creativeness, high opportunities of promotion, training, advanced knowledge improvement and fairness … So that the employees have the confidence in the company, motivation for work and being proud of it. 

Today, with the united, professionals, skilful, dynamic and creative team filled with fire of dedication in hearts, together with the investment in scientific technology, advanced management methods and a united and close collective,  Khatoco will certainly continue to develop strongly and to go ahead.

Khatoco’s workers fried cut tobacco on the cast-iron pans in the beginning days of establishment.

The worker rolled cigarettes by hand.

The head office in the beginning of establishment becomes Liberty Central Nha Trang Four Star Hotel now.

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