Khatoco organized the training course on occupational safety and health – 2019

Mar 1, 2019 | News, Training

During the last days of February, 2019, Khanh Viet Corporation (Khatoco) organized the Training Course on Occupational Safety and Health.  

The employees have the right to work in fairness, occupational safety and health. They also have the rights to be trained in and practiced on occupational safety and health … this is one of the rights of employees stipulated in the Law on Occupational Safety and Health. Through this training course, the employees were provided not only the basic knowledge of occupational safety and health but also practical skills at occupational safety and health so that they can recognize the occupational accidents and diseases and know how to prevent them from happening. 

During the past years, Khatoco has done well the work related to occupational safety and health. Khatoco has more than 30 affiliated companies of different fields of businesses such as Industry, Agriculture, Tourism, Trade…but so far, not any serious occupational accident happened at Khatoco. Khatoco always focuses on occupational safety and health and on building tidier and cleaner workplace. All companies belonging to Khanh Viet Corporation have been building and applying the occupational standards such as 5S, lean manufacturing (Lean), good manufacturing practices (GMP), ISO 9001, ISO 22000, ISO 14000… 

In order to perform better the work related to occupational safety and health to comply with the Law, Khanh Viet Corporation organized the Training Course on Ocupational Safety and Health for 89 learners from its affiliated companies. 

The contents of this training course were prepared according to the standards of training in occupational safety and health for groups 1, 2, 3, 5 and 6 stipulated in Decree No. 44/2016-ND-CP dated May 15, 2016 by the Government. The purpose of the training course was to provide the employees with the overview knowledge of legal policies on the occupational safety and health, control measures and solutions to overcome the harmful factors in the specific working environment, the dangers in operating machines and equipment, the strict requirements on occupational safety, basic knowledge of environmental protection and first aid for occupational accidents. 

Following the advice and recommendation from the Department of Labor – War Invalids and Social Affairs of Khanh Hoa province, Khatoco invited Greenlines Vietnam Training JS Company  to teach this course. Greenlines Vietnam issued the certificates of attending this course to all the learners and certificates of passing the course to the learners who met the requirements of this course. 

Opening the Training Course on Occupational Safety and Health

Mr. Nguyen Viet Duc, Director and Lecturer of Vietnam Greenlines Training JS Company was teaching the occupational safety and health to the learners.   

89 learners from the affiliated companies of Khanh Viet Corporation attended the Training Course on Occupational Safety and Health – 2019. 

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