Khatoco young generation’s knowledge

Jun 23, 2018 | News, Views

Last time, the quantity of employees was usually paid attention when evaluating the scale of a company. However, together with the progress of science, machines are replacing the human power, especially in the fields of manual production and assembly. So it is not difficult to understand why the index of employee quantity only occupies small ratio in the business scale evaluation nowadays.

Machines (robots) are going silently to every corner of the life, doing the human work and step by step replacing unskilled manual workers, especially of heavy and harmful jobs. As forecasted by the scientists, in the near future, robots will be the main workforce of companies.

Not standing out of this trend, in 2017, Khatoco invested and put into operation the cigarettes making machinery line with capacity 10,000 cigarettes/minute, manufactured by Hauni Co., Germany and the cigarettes packing machinery line with capacity 500 packs/minute manufactured by GD-SpA Co., Italy. In 2018, Khatoco continues to invest in cut tobacco processing machinery line with capacity 4,000 kg/hour and many other equipment … in order to replace the unskilled manual workers gradually, towards automating the whole production line to increase products quality, to decrease the product prices and to expand the markets.

Investing and operating automatic machinery lines require that Khatoco’s staff must have wide knowledge, being highly professional in work, quickly updating the professional knowledge and being able to take over the technology from partners … And only talented young staff with desire to discover and thirst for rising are able to undertake this duty.

“Khanh Viet Calls upon Khanh Hoa’s Talents” is a special program to aim at building excellent successors with high capability and  professional knowledge. This program has been designed especially with series of attractive activities for training, testing and also providing students with knowledge so that they can be confident, shine and will be Khatoco’s young generation in the future.

The event “ Students’ Career Festival” at the University of Economics, Ho Chi Minh City

Besides attracting and training the talented young people, Khatoco’s Board of Directors also put their trust in the young staff, entrusting them with many important tasks and assigning them to many positions of great responsibilities. The Board of Directors also encourages the Youth Union and tests them in a lot of creative work and duties for the purpose of training them. The Board of Directors has organized many useful playing-fields to give opportunities for young staff displaying their capability, bravery and coordination in work. Thereby, the high quality human resource being able to succeed previous generations has been being built.

Scholarship Program “Khanh Viet Calls upon Khanh Hoa’s Talents”

After 35 years of construction and development with a lot of ups and downs, beginning as a small local company, Khatoco gradually conquered the niche markets, step by step expanding the markets over the country, reaching out to the international ones and creating many key economic sectors suitable with local and national economic development strategies. 2018 is a critical year of Khatoco when it will be privatized and will change its management model in accordance with the State’s policies. Opportunities and challenges are waiting ahead. The “mechanism coat” is being taken off gradually. Khatoco will be given more rights of self-government. This will be the opportunity for Khatoco’s young staff to prove their capability. Let’s believe in the coming bright future as well as Khatoco’s young generation of today.

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