Khatoco’s journey of sustainable fashion

May 3, 2021 | News, Views

Sustainable fashion is a non-stop journey of development and innovation in production technology, eco-friendly distribution system and sustainable finished products.

Men’s demand of elegant, fashionable high-quality clothing keeps increasing and they tend to choose clothes made from natural materials which are good for health and friendly with the environment.  

Khatoco Fashion is proud to be a brand always applying innovative fabrics to meet customers’ expectations. In the past time, Khatoco fashion won the customers by the products made from materials originating in the nature such as bamboo fiber, cotton fiber and wood pulp (tencel). At the present time, Khatoco continues to pioneer in manufacturing products from new natural materials such as lotus fiber fabric, mint fiber fabric and coffee fiber fabric (S-café). 

Lotus fiber fabric – Tradition creates modern beauty

Lotus fiber fabric is made from the combination of lotus seed powder and lotus leaf powder. These two materials offer outstanding feature of negative ion compared to other yarns. The high concentration of negative ions in the fabric makes the wearer feel cool, comfortable and confident all day long of working. A shirt made from lotus yarn fabric is very soft, smooth, eco-friendly and is really an ideal companion of a modern gentleman.

Mint fabric (Tencel) – Green material for sustainable fashion

Mint fiber fabric is considered as a green material for the sustainable fashion in the future. Khatoco’s shirts made from mint fiber fabric offer outstanding advantages as compared to shirts made from other normal fabrics and are especially suitable for people with sensitive skin.

Mint essence is a non-toxic natural substance which is greatly absorbent and can reduce the growth of bacteria as well as allergenic agents. Furthermore, clothing made from mint fiber fabric does not stick to the body. The mint essence is absorbed deep into each yarn to provide cool, healthy and comfort feeling. Besides, mint fiber fabric remains excellently durable, soft and smooth after being washed continuously.   

Coffee fiber fabric – drink it and wear it

Coffee fiber fabric is made from coffee grounds. It can absorb sweat very quickly and provides excellent odor control three times stronger than other conventional fabrics to keep the body in good smell through the day. This property is inherent to the yarn and will not wash out.

Coffee fiber fabric technology helps speed up the evaporation of moisture on the fabric surface to make the clothing breathable and the temperature of the skin cool down.

According to research results, coffee fiber fabric offers up to 97.82% UV-A resistance and 99.35% for UV-B rays. This property is added because the pigment of coffee grounds can reflect UV rays and protect the skin from negative effects of the sunlight.



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