Ostrich meat – A healthy food

Sep 5, 2020 | News, Views

Nowadays, consumers pay attention to the foods which are not only delicious but also safe and good for health. Ostrich meat is both tasty and healthy, therefore it is chosen by a lot of people to make many attractive, delicious healthy dishes with distinctive flavor.

The food of the 21st century

Ostrich meat is considered as “the food of the 21st century”. Ostrich belongs to the family of poultry, but ostrich meat is red, not white like chicken and duck meat. Ostrich meat has specific delicious taste. It is tough, tasty, softer than beef and not friable. Ostrich meat can be used for many dishes combined with different spices.  

Ostrich meat

According to the report on the analysis of nutritional value of foods of the Department of Agriculture of the United States, ostrich meat is lower in fat while containing protein equivalent to beef, cholesterol level much lower than pork, beef, and chicken, not leading the cause of weight gain, obesity and cardiovascular diseases so that ostrich meat is suitable with the current food trend.

Comparing nutrition: ostrich meat and other kinds of meat (85g)

SpeciesFat (g)Cholesterol (mg)Protein (g)

Source: Report No. C80-0100 on analysis of nutritional value of foods of the Department of Agriculture of the United State.

Khatoco’s ostrich meat is supplied by two big ostrich farms: Khatoco Ninh Hoa Ostrich Breeding Center in Ninh Phung commune, Ninh Hoa district, Khanh Hoa province and Khatoco Quang Nam Ostrich Breeding Center in Tam Phu Commune, Tam Ky district, Quang Nam province. Every year, Khatoco supplies around 300 to 400 tons of ostrich meat to the market. Khatoco’s ostrich meat is produced under a closed process from breeding, raising to slaughtering. The information about each ostrich such as food, medicine used for it and its health condition has been observed by computer to ensure the drug elimination time as stipulated, not any prohibited substance and antibiotic residue to be present in the meat after slaughtering. Therefore, Khatoco’s ostrich meat meets the standards of ISO: 22000-2005 certified by SGS organization of Switzerland.

Khatoco’s ostrich farm

Khatoco‘s ostrich meat

At now, Khatoco’s ostrich meat is distributed nationwide through the supermarket systems such as: Co.opmart, AEON, Lotte, Big C, MM Mega Market … and food agents. Consumers can rest assured to choose ostrich meat for delicious meals of their families.

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