The professional security training course for the security force of Khanh Viet Corporation

Mar 25, 2022 | News, Training

From March 21 – 25, 2022, Police Department of Khanh Hoa Province coordinated with Khanh Viet Corporation (Khatoco) to organize a professional security training course for 33 security guards of Khanh Viet Corporation.

The saluting flag ceremony of the training course

So far, Khanh Viet Corporation has responded positively the movement “All people protecting national security” and always meets the standards of a safe, secure and ordered business to contribute effectively to the protection of business security and the completion of business and production plans. Especially in 2021, Khanh Viet Corporation collective and the Leader of Security Guard Team of Khatoco Khanh Hoa Cigarette Factory in individual were awarded Certificate of Merit by the Director of Khanh Hoa Provincial Police Department for the achievements in fire prevention, fighting and rescue.

Ensuring safety, security and order in general and in the workplace in particular is a very important duty. All security guards must strictly follow the provisions of law as their activities relate closely to lives, property and democratic freedoms of citizens. Therefore, building and strengthening a moral and qualified security force to meet the requirements of the protection work is extremely necessary.

Overview of the professional security training course

At the opening ceremony of the training course, Lieutenant Colonel Ngo Quoc Hung – Head of the Department of Building of the Movement “All people protecting national security” (PV05) announced the decision of the Board of Directors of Khanh Hoa Provincial Police Department on offering the professional security training course for the security force of Khanh Viet Corporation. Through the course, the trainees have been provided the basic knowledge of the law and professional skills to perform their important duty of protecting the safety of people and property of business. The Provincial Police Department would grant certificates of attendance to the trainees who participated fully in training program, strictly followed all the rules of the class and passed the final test pursuant to Circular No. 46/2014/TT-BCA dated 16 October 2014 of the Ministry of Public Security and Decree No. 06/2013/ND-CP dated January 9, 2013 of the Government on stipulating the protection work of agencies and businesses.

Lieutenant Colonel Ngo Quoc Hung- Head of PVO5 Dept. announced the decision.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Mr. Cap Hong Nguyen, Member of the Party Committee, Vice General Director of Khanh Viet Corporation affirmed the importance of security work in protecting people’s life and business’s property. He requested that the trainees had to follow strictly the approved training program to achieve effective and practical achievement and 100% of trainees had to get good results and received certificates at the end of the program.

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