The children in Vi Quang commune are very happy when learning in the new school

Jul 2, 2018 | Uncategorized

“I like to go to school very much. I go here to learn from my teachers, meeting many friends and having a lot of beautiful toys”. Hoang Thu Hien, 4 years old pupil of Vi Quang kindergarten in Thong Nong district, Cao Bang province answered when we asked her.

Little girl, Hoang Thu Hien played with toys in her classroom

From Cao Bang city, it took us over 3 hours to cross  65km of mountain pass road to visit Vi Quang kindergarten in Thong Nong District, Cao Bang Province. Khatoco has funded to build this new kindergarten with the total expenses of VND 2.4 billion. Before our eyes, a very spacious kindergarten with 03 classrooms, toilets and playground full of colorful toys… has been put into use. Greeting us, Mrs. Vi Thi Thuy – the Headmistress said emotionally “The people in Vi Quang commune in general, the teachers and pupils of this kindergarten in particular would like to express our sincere thanks to Khatoco for building us a very spacious and beautiful kindergarten. From now on, the children have a very good kindergarten for leaning and playing”. 

Mr.  Truong Quang Minh –  Member of the Management Board of Khanh Viet Corporation gave the sponsor display board toMrs. Vi Thi Thuy – the Headmistress of Vi Quang kindergarten

The delegation had the photograph taken with the teachers and pupils of Vi Quang kindergarten

Vi Quang kindergarten viewed from above 

Looking at the innocent children playing, laughing and chattering in the playground, the childhood memory came back to each of us. Saying goodbye to the  teachers and children, our hearts filled with emotion and happiness. We hope that Khatoco will continue funding to built many new schools like that for the children in poor and remote communes. 

Implementing Resolution No. 30a 2008/NQ-CP of the Government on the program of supporting 61 poor districts to reduce the poverty quickly and sustainably, Khatoco has supported the poor Thong Nong district, Cao Bang province to build tobacco planting areas by instructing the people to grow tobacco. After 10 years of performance, Thong Nong district, Cao Bang province has built the total of tobacco planting areas of ​​500ha. That has contributed to the poverty reduction and step by step improving the living standard of the people in Thong Nong district. In addition, Khatoco has granted 10 scholarships to the poor students to study at colleges and universitie, giving financial support to build 10 houses for the poor household which had old, disabled people. Recently, Khatoco has funded VND 2.4 billion to build new Vi Quang kindergarten in Thong Nong district, Cao Bang province. 

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