The logo and slogan of the 35th anniversary of the establishment of Khanh Viet Corporation

Jan 18, 2018 | News, Views

To celebrate Khanh Viet Corporation’s 35th anniversary (1983 – 2018), the organization committee received 347 logos and 603 slogans from the employees of the whole Khanh Viet Corporation to participate in the slogan and logo design contest. The winning logo and slogan will be used for this great event. The slogans and logos for contest have a lot of meanings such as promoting the tradition, the will of rising up, the spirit of innovation and creativity to overcome the challenges, the sustainable development.


The logo with the image of the torch from hand to hand symbolizing the successive tradition of the many generations, of each person in Khatoco house was awarded the first prize and will be the logo of the 35th anniversary of the establishment of Khanh Viet Corporation. 

The handle of torch is stylized by the number 35 as a milestone on the way (1983 – 2018) and torwards. It means that during 35 years of establishment and development, there is always a burning torch of desiring to conquer in the heart of each Khatoco people. The upper part of torch is shaped by solid pillars which symbolize Khatoco’s main industries. The small, big, soft bands in stair shape symbolize the commercial and tourist services… They all reflect Khanh Viet Corporation’s business fields during 35 years of establishment and development. The flaming fire with the image of a bird flying up symbolizes the enthusiasm of the youth, the will of rising up and flying higher. That is also Khatoco’s message in the new stage of development.  

The logo has 3 colours of blue, red and orange yellow which are the main symbolic colours of our industry. It expressed full and intensive meaning of the contest theme and the proposed objectives. 

The new stage is a big challenge to Khatoco. Privatization is the opportunity and the power for the development but also the big challenge. The market economy together with the comprehensive and extensive international integration request us to change to go ahead with three basic principles: Promote 35 years tradition of a heroic unit; Innovate the way of thinking how to be suitable with the management science and the new management; The mechanism of subsidy was eliminated completely in all the fields so that the internal force is the only power for the development. 

The logo with the image of the torch symbolizing the successive tradition, the desire of rising up and the strong vitality together with the slogan “CHANGE THE WAY OF THINKING – PROMOTE THE INTERNAL FORCE” was chosen as the official symbol of the 35th anniversary of establishment of Khanh Viet Corporation (04/10/1983 – 04/10/2018).

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