The Program “October Smile”of Khatoco’s Youth

Nov 2, 2022 | News, Social Activities

On October 30, 2022, the Youth Union of Khanh Viet Corporation carried out the program “October Smile” at Khanh Hoa – Jeju Primary School in Suoi Cat Commune, Cam Lam District, Khanh Hoa Province. The “0 đong market” was held for giving free old clothes and toys to the local people and children. The delegation also presented notebooks and cash for buying books to the school and gifts to the poor people with the total amount of VND 40 million. The fund for this program has been contributed by Khatoco’s employees.

Suoi Cat Commune in Cam Lam District is the location of Trang E Industrial Zone invested by Khanh Viet Corporation and new, modern Khatoco Khanh Hoa Cigarette Factory, Khatoco Packaging Printing JS Company which have been being built. With great efforts, Suoi Cat has been honored to be recognized as a new rural commune recently. However, the living condition of the people here is still low because of their unstable jobs, small income and large families.

Many people and children take part in “0 đong market”.

Within 2 weeks of launching the donation of used clothes and toys for kids…, the organizing committee received the enthusiastic response from the employees of the whole Khatoco. The donated goods were carefully selected and classified by the youth union members to assure all items were in good condition. The “0 đong market” attracted a lot of local people and children. Everybody chose “new” clothes to keep them warm in the coming rainy season.

The delegation presents 60 gifts to ethnic households in especially difficult circumstances.
The delegation donates VND 15 million for buying books to Khanh Hoa – Jeju primary school.
The delegation presents 1500 notebooks to the children.

The delegation presented 60 gifts worth VND12 million (VND 200,000/each) to 60 households in especially difficult circumstances and donated 1500 notebooks and VND 15 million for buying books to Khanh Hoa – Jeju Primary School. The youth union members also repainted all the outdoor playing equipment of the school.

The youth union members repaint the outdoor playing equipment of the school.

“October Smile” was a coordinated activity of the Youth Unions of Khanh Viet Corporation’s Head Office, Khatoco Printing Packaging JS Company and Khatoco Trading Company Limited. On this occasion, the delegation visited Trang E Industrial Zone and new Khatoco Khanh Hoa Cigarette Factory and new Khatoco Printing Packaging JS Company.

The delegation visits Trang E Industrial Zone.

“October Smile” is a meaningful activity to continue Khatoco’s tradition of solidarity and mutual assistance. We hope that these gifts will bring warmth, joy and laughter to the people and children in Suoi Cat Commune.

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