The quality builds up Khatoco ostrich and crocodile leather fashion brand

Jul 10, 2024 | News, Views

Nearly 20 years of participating in the tanning market and producing fashion products from ostrich and crocodile leather, Khatoco Ostrich – Crocodile Trading Company provides more than 50,000 ostrich and crocodile leather of all kinds and over tens of thousands of high-end leather fashion products under the Khatoco brand into the market each year.

Ostrich tanning process

Closed production process

Khatoco Ostrich – Crocodile Trading Company belongs to Khanh Viet Corporation (Khatoco) headquartered in Khatoco Ninh Ich Industrial Cluster (Ninh Hoa town, Khanh Hoa province) is one of the few companies across the country with a closed production process from breeding, slaughtering, tanning to producing leather fashion products. With Khatoco’s unique advantage when proactively supplying from large-scale ostrich farms in Ninh Hoa town, Khanh Hoa province and Tam Ky city, Quang Nam province, Khatoco Ostrich – Crocodile Trading Company always has the best source of raw materials, in accordance with standards, size and quality as required. In addition, the company also has a tanning factory equipped with modern machinery with advanced technology, so the products are always committed to good quality, high precision, meeting the strict requirements of the domestic and export markets.

Crocodile tanning process

Currently, the tanning capacity of Khatoco Ostrich – Crocodile Trading Company reaches 50,000 pieces/year. The main export markets are the US, South Korea, Japan, China, Thailand, Italy, South Africa… In the domestic market, the company is cooperating with large foreign-invested firms to develop fashion products from Khatoco crocodile and ostrich skins.

Khatoco ostrich, crocodile tanning factory

Khatoco constantly applies science and technology and improves standards in design and production with the mission of mastering nodule tanning technology with the world’s advanced level, creating high-quality products, safe for users and in line with the needs of the market to reach the goal of becoming the No. 1 supplier of nodule leather in Vietnam for the high-end leather sewing industry.

Handmade products

With handmade craftsmanship on the most high-end leathers such as ostriches and crocodiles, Khatoco brings customers the most quality and trendy fashion products. Handbags, women’s wallets, men’s wallets, belts,… branded Khatoco always receives the attention of high-end fashionistas.

Khatoco ostrich and crocodile leather fashion products are made by hand method

With the mission of bringing products with the highest perfection, Khatoco spends a lot of time and effort to choose the right leather for each model, thereby creating a shape for each product with its own unique features. Ostrich and crocodile leather has good flexibility, elasticity, high elasticity, the surface of the skin does not crack when bent and folded, so products from ostrich and crocodile leather have superior durability than other common skins. Besides the timeless material, the beauty of ostrich skin lies in the luxurious “pearls” formed from the special pores of the ostrich. The scale patterns are delicately arranged on the surface of the crocodile skin, making each crocodile skin product have its own unique beauty. Taking advantage of the characteristics on each leather panel, un-overlapping lines, creative designers and craftsmen with skillful hands have created products with a luxurious and classic style but still show the right fashion trend and full of personality. All of them are mostly done manually when the machines is only participated at certain stages.

Khatoco Ostrich Skin Fashion Products Khatoco Crocodile Skin Fashion Products

Mr. Bui Viet Duc, Director of Khatoco Ostrich – Crocodile Trading Company, said that with nearly 20 years of experience in the tanning and leather fashion industry, the company’s products have achieved ISO 14001:2015 certifications for environmental management systems and ISO 9001:2015 certifications for quality management systems of QMS Certification Services. In the next time, the company will continue to invest in machinery and equipment, improve skills and product quality to serve fastidious markets such as Europe and the US. At the same time, the company strengthens domestic consumption through the system of supermarkets, showrooms, and FDI partners.

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