The Trade Union of Khanh Viet Corporation accompanies employees for overcoming Covid-19 pandemic

Jan 7, 2022 | News, Social Activities

In 2021, the fourth wave of Covid-19 pandemic breaking rapidly across the whole country seriously affected all the production and business fields of Khanh Viet Corporation(Khatoco). Under the direction of the Leaders, the support of the Trade Union together with the solidarity and great efforts of all employees, Khatoco overcame difficulties and challenges to maintain production and business activities, stabilizing employees’ lives and fulfilling assigned duties at the highest level.

The fourth wave of Covid-19 pandemic started at the end of April, 2022, being the most dangerous disease outbreak ever happening in our country. The prolonged social distancing disrupted the goods supply chain and highly affected our production and business activities. 3 out of 15 Khatoco’s subsidiaries had to stop working, 5 subsidiaries had to work partly and 7 subsidiaries with 1900 employees had to implement “3 on the spot” production.

“3 on the spot” production at Khatoco Khanh Hoa Cigarette Factory

To achieve dual goals of “fighting against the pandemic while maintaining production and business activities”, the Trade Union in coordination with the Steering Committee for the Pandemic Control and the Management has promptly updated regulations on the disease prevention and control of the Government, Ministry of Health, Provincial Party Committee and local Functional Departments to create effective plans for the pandemic prevention and control. Ensuring health and safety for employees participating in “3 on the spot” production was Khatoco’s top priority in comply with the message from Khatoco’s Leaders “Employees are the most valuable asset of the company. Protecting the health of employees is protecting the growth of the business.”.

During the Covid-19 time, the role of Grassroots Trade Unions have mostly promoted. They have closely coordinated with the Management to increase the pandemic prevention and control along with 5K measure performance, making regular Covid testing for employees, supporting to Covid-19 case investigation, providing timely assistance to employees hit by Covid-19, proactively assisting CDC Khanh Hoa in Covid 19 vaccination for employees. By the end of October 2021, all employees already received 2 doses of Covid-19 vaccine.

Implementing vaccination against Covid-19 for employees

During the “3 on the spot” period, besises coordinating with the management to implement the pandemic prevention and control work, the Grassroots Trade Unions proactively supported the management to provide best living conditions for workers. They helped the factories convert the available infrastructure such as warehouses, offices… into the rest places for workers, extending bathrooms, installing more washing machines, air conditioners, fans, lighting systems, Wi-Fi… and buying cushions, mosquito nets, medicines and many other needed supplies for workers. “3 on the spot” production required minimum quantity of workers but efficient production. It meaned that a workers only had to finish his or her normal work but also the work of the others. Therefore, their working intensity was much higher than usual. For that reason, the quality of their meals was especially taken care of. Their meals were nutritious with regularly changed dishes. in addition, workers had fruits, milk, and vitamin C… to strengthen their immunity. 

“3 on the spot” production at Khatoco Khanh Hoa Cigarette Factory

The Trade Union has also propagated about the pandemic danger, encouraging the employees to follow strictly the pandemic prevention and control measures, raising their sense of responsibility to overcome difficulties during the pandemic time. In a very short time, with a large volume of work, many potential risks and without precedent, Khatoco effectively implemented “3 on the spot” production and achieved the goals of maintaining safe production, supplying enough goods to the market and ensuring the income for employees.

“3 on the spot” production at Dong A Joint – Stock Company

As the pandemic has been affecting seroiusly the employees ’lives, the Trade Union has proposed many policies to support affected employees, guiding them in doing procedures for receiving support from the Government and Vietnam General Confederation of Labor. In 2021, the Trade Union provided financial support to 6 employees suffering from serious diseases with the amount of VND 110 million.

Besides making great efforts to maintain production and business activities, Khatoco also has fulfilled its social responsibility. Responding to the call of the Prime Minister and the Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee of Khanh Hoa province for financial support to buy vaccines against Covid-19, Khatoco has donated VND 1 billion to Vietnam’s Covid-19 vaccine fund and VND 100 million to the fund for disease prevention, control and relief of Khanh Hoa province in order to join hands with the whole country to fight against Covid-19 pandemic.

Khatoco donates VND 1 billion to Vietnam’s Covid-19 vaccine fund.

Promoting the traditional values during 38 years of construction and development, with the direction of the Leaders, the practical care of the Trade Union, the solidarity and efforts of all employees, Khatoco has overcome difficulties and challenges, maintaining business and production along with taking care of workers’ lives. The pandemic still remains complicated and may last until the end of 2022 so all Khatoco’s Leaders and employees will continue promoting the spirit of solidarity and determination to maintain production and business activities, to stabilize the employees’ lives and to keep Khatoco develop strongly in spite of the common difficult conditions for the whole country.

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