“Up to the forest – Down to the sea” to discover “The Land of Agarwood” together with Khatoco

Oct 1, 2020 | News, Views

On the tourist map of Vietnam, the tourist sites managed by Khanh Viet Corporation (Khatoco) are Yang Bay Tourist Park, Orchid Tourist Island and Monkey Island which are always the first choice of tourists when visiting Nha Trang city. The tourists will have two quite different experiences. Going up to the forest, you will explore Yang Bay waterfall at the middle of amazing high mountains and thick forests. Going down to the sea, you will enjoy the wonderful beauty of the sea, of Orchid and Monkey Islands.

15km away from Nha Trang city in the north, Nha Phu Bay is a unique ecological area with sea, islands, forests, mountains and streams. From Da Chong wharf, you will start your journey to enjoy the amazing Nha Phu Bay with many big and small islands, lobster farms of the fish farmers and fishing boats going offshore in the early sunshine … Then the most interesting destinations in Nha Phu Bay are Monkey Island and Orchid Island.

The colorful bougainvillea road at Monkey Island

Hundreds of mischievous monkeys and a colorful bougainvillea road will warmly welcome you to Monkey Island. This place is home of more than 1,200 monkeys living naturally here. They are very familiar with the tourists. It is very lovely to look at the monkey enjoying foods from the tourists and playing with them.

Coming to Monkey Island, you should not miss the opportunity to experience the feeling of speed control on the winding road thought a Prokart car racing and check-in at the zone studio area with swings, pastel windmills and beautiful blue sea… This is an ideal place for thousands of “super impressive” virtual photos. 

About 10 minutes by boat from Monkey Island, you will come to Orchid Island, the next destination of your journey to explore in Nha Phu Bay. You may stay overnight on this beautiful island to experience the feeling of being a fisherman fishing in the early morning and enjoying the peacefulness and the beauty of orchids here.

Orchid garden with hundreds of species of orchid

You will enjoy the orchid cave with hundreds of rare and valuable orchids. Some species of orchid are only present on this island.  You should try winning the peak of Hon Heo mountain which is 700 meters high after overcoming a lot of obstacles and going up 452 stone steps.

The poetic natural landscape on Orchid Island

You will continue to explore the butterfly garden with more than 1000 butterflies of 20 species raised naturally. Here, you can learn about the life cycle from breeding to growing of a colorful butterfly. It is really a masterpiece of nature.

Going up to the forest, you will see Yang Bay Waterfall as a white silk strip across a green shirt. Fresh and cool atmosphere together with wild and poetic natural scenery give this place a very unique beauty. This majestic and attractive waterfall is located in Khanh Vinh mountainous district, Khanh Hoa province where Raglai community accounts for over 70% of the population. In Raglai language, Yang Bay means ” Waterfall of the God”. At the foot of the waterfall, there is a big lake. Here, you will enjoy soaking your body in the cool and clear water or participating in water games or climbing to the mountain where Yang Bay waterfall originates from. At the top of the mountain looking down, you will feel the greatness of the creation.

Yang Bay waterfall

You will have the opportunity to soak your body for relaxation in hot spring water while enjoying the beautiful scenery of majestic forests and mountains. This hot mineral spring absorbs the essence of the mother land, then flows out from the fissures of rocks at Ho-cho waterfall. The special combination between hot and cold mineral springs at Ho-cho waterfall has created different mineral water pools with different temperatures to meet the preferences of tourists. The hot mineral water pools have been designed to locate along the natural rocky holes to make the feeling of closer to nature.

The special feature of Yang Bay mud bath is that you can enjoy the mud bath in the middle of vast forests and mountains while listening to the birds singing, the sound of the babbling stream… Is there anything more wonderful than that ? You can take part in many interesting games such as feeding fish with a bottle, crocodile fishing, ostrich riding, pig racing, fish massage … and enjoying abundant forest foods as well as discovering the original features of the Raglai people’s culture.

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