We put our employees at the heart of our company

Dec 31, 2019 | News, Training

Understanding workforce is the most valuable asset of a company and is the critical factor to decide the success or failure of a business, so far, Khatoco’s Management Board and Trade Union have cooperated to organize many practical and effective activities for taking care of the employees, protecting their legitimate rights and benefits as well as increasing their income …

Defining the important role of the workforce in the process of production and business development of a company and also the responsibilities of employers for employees, Khatoco has built the transparent and reasonable regulations. Moreover, a group of advisers has been established in order to advise the employees on the laws as well as the other matters involving to them. The purpose of this group is to disseminate the new regulations of the company and the Trade Union also. Thereby, the employees can have update on the regulation as well as improve their knowledge and sense of law obedience.  

The training course for the middle-level personnel

Moreover, Khatoco has established a forum “The Voice of Khatoco’s Employees” on internet, issued “quarterly newsletter” and created fanpage on facebook so that the employees can know the current production and business activities of the company. The forum is the place where the employees can exchange their working experiences as well as the other matters relating to their lives and work. Through the forum, the Directors can understand the thinking, the aspirations, the claims and the proposals of the employees so that they are able to deliver real, timely and on- the – ground solutions.   

Furthermore, Khatoco always focus on taking care of employees’ health and implementing the policies to protect the benefits of the employees such as social insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance, toxic working environment allowance, labor contracts, reasonable working rights, delicious and safe meals, annual medical examination … 

Traditional Mini Football Tournament for men and women 

Especially, Khatoco always puts labor safety training at the central. Through the training courses, the employees enhance the sense of the responsibilities in keeping their working environment clean and safety to reduce the risks of occupational diseases and labor accidents at minimum. Besides, the employees have been trained to improve the necessary skills and knowledge for their jobs and approach the latest technologies and equipment to match the sustainable development.

Offering Khatoco scholarships to the employees’children overcoming difficulties and achieving excellent academic resultsKhatoco not only pays attention to the employee’s material life but also their spiritual life. In 2019, Khatoco paid over VND7 billion for more than 900 employees to travel inside and outside the country. Many cultural and sports activities were carried out such as the contest “Khatoco Master Chef” to celebrate the Family’s Day, musical performance, the movement “Women are good at work and at home”, scholarships granted to the employees’ children overcoming difficulties and achieving excellent academic results, charity fund named “Khatoco Trade Union’s Warm House” to help the employees facing difficulties in their lives …

Cooking contest “Khatoco Master Chef – 2019”  

Up to the end of 2019, Khatoco had 21 grassroots Trade Unions with 4,300 members. Their average monthly income was VND13 million per capita. Our production and business continue developing to create more and more jobs for the society. During the past 36 years, Khatoco always finishes in excess the budget payment contribution assigned by Government and is the leading company in taking care of the employees. With these great things, in 2019, Khatoco was selected to be one of 52 leading companies in well taking care of the employees nationwide. This selection aimed at to honor the companies having good working environment; harmonious relationship between the benefits of 3 sides: Company, employees and society; sustainable development and active international integration.   

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